Saturday, August 16, 2014

Staying in Solvang!

Hi everyone!

So, first of all, I'm staying in Solvang!!  Woohoo!!  Both Sister Platt and I will be here for another transfer, as well as Hermana Hernandez.  (Luckily, cause she's awesome!)  Not that I have too much experience at transfers...since I've only had 3.  But, from the experience I DO have, it's kinda funny: you can already feel whether you'll be leaving.  And we can usually tell when we need to stay a little longer.  The weekend before transfers, we always try to do some deep cleaning, and throw unnecessary things out (I LOVE throwing things out...I think I get that from you, Mom!) This weekend, though, even though we cleaned, we mostly decorated.  We made it cute and homey, cause we could just feel we'd be here a while longer.  Luckily, we were right. :)

There's actually a lot going on in Solvang right now.  Like I mentioned, Albert's getting baptized! I'm honestly not sure if I've talked about Albert before.  We met him our first week here, and even though he really liked to meet with us, he wasn't really progressing.  He got very distracted in lessons, and he wasn't really absorbing much of what we were teaching.  We weren't sure what to do, so we decided to have a lesson where we just read the Book of Mormon with him.  He LOVED it, and from then on, he started to progress! He came to lessons focused and ready to learn...and now...he's getting BAPTIZED!!  Man, the Book of Mormon is so powerful.  It made all the difference for Albert. :)

Euell's doing great, too!  This week, we did service with him, AND his wife! Normally, she avoids us when we're it was really cool to be able to talk to her and get to know her.  She even hugged us when we left!  That's progress, if you ask me. :)  Hopefully, we'll get to set him with a new baptismal date this week.  I'll let you know!

We finally got over the missionary disease this week; it's about time! We're now very healthy, and drinking body-free water. :)

I wish I had more fun and exciting things to tell you, but this has honestly been a pretty normal missionary week.  Things really are great here, and I'm happy to be staying.

The church is true.  I promise. :)  LOVE YOU!

♥Shay Shay