Sunday, August 24, 2014


Hello, hello family!

I honestly don't even know where to start...except to say that I am the happiest and luckiest aunt in the world. I get to come home to Baby Noyce AND Baby Oldroyd!  I'm so excited to meet them, and see their cute faces.  Seriously, congratulations! I'm so darn happy for you. :)

As for things here in Solvang, they're going well!!  This week, I think it's safe to say we're finally over the missionary disease (thank goodness!) and the dead body is out of our systems. :)  It's about time!!  Sadly, the sickness made me lazy on my looks, and I've officially adopted my crazy poodle hair.  It looks more and more like Hermione Granger, every single day (no, not from the 7th movie. I'm talking Sorcerer's Stone). But, it's okay.  That's really not what matters.

Our new district is AWESOME. We have 3 new Elders (Elder Cavazos, Elder Hurst, and Elder Harper), and a new Hermana in our ward (Hermana Bennion)!  She's the cutest.  I'll admit, I miss our other awesome district, but this one's going to be pretty great, too!  We had our first district meeting on Thursday. It was so good.  I sent Mom a whole letter explaining it, but to summarize: it started at about 10:00 am, and ended at 5:00 pm...whoops.  That was definitely not in our plans. But it was a good district-bonding experience, and we all became good friend pretty quickly!  And, we got a district picture out of it.  I'll send it as soon as I get it.

The work is going great! We had a Member-Present lesson with Albert this week!  The member happens to be quite the cowboy, and it turned out to be a lesson on church attendance...and rodeos. It's a little hard to imagine...and a little hard to explain. :)  It went well, though, and Albert came to church for the first time this week!!  It was so nice, and he was able to make friends in the ward. We're so excited for him!  His baptismal date is still set for September 20th.  We're also working with Euell, and he's doing really well.

On Friday, we also met a less-active woman named Kathy.  Sometimes, less-active members are less than thrilled to see us, but she could NOT have been happier.  Her husband isn't a member, but she has such a strong testimony and love for the gospel. It seriously was a miracle that we met her, and we're going to help set her with a goal of getting back to the temple. :)

Well, I'm about out of time today,so I'll let you all go... but I hope you have such a good week. You're always in my prayers, and I'll be seeing you very soon. ♥

♥Shay Shay

P.S. - Exchanges with Sister Cox are this week!! :D