Monday, April 28, 2014

Missionary work is the Lord's work.

It's been a wonderful week, but it'd be hard to tell you each and every part of it.  So for now, I'll just tell you about our wonderful Sunday!

So Pete and Doenice got married last week, which was so exciting!  This is the first week they've been to church as the 'Chavez' family...which was lots of fun.  I think I mentioned to you their daughter, Brooke.  She was technically baptized when she was younger, but then ended up joining another church later down the road.  Really, she's just as much of an investigator as Pete, and is searching for her own testimony.

Since she's pretty shy, we went to Sunday School and Young Women with her.  At the start of Young Women, the leaders called me and Sister Cox out of class and asked if we would teach the lesson.  She explained that there were a lot of young women in the ward that seemed to be struggling, and thought maybe since we were closer in age, we'd be able to get through to them in a way that the leaders hadn't.  No pressure, right?  But the lesson was on the Restoration, which luckily, is something we've taught a time or two. :)  So of course, we agreed, and taught an on-the-spot lesson.  Woohoo!

We taught the Restoration in a way that we had never taught it before, which hopefully means that it was taught somewhat by the spirit.  So often we think of the Joseph Smith story only in the history, and we don't always apply it to ourselves.  But it was so neat, as we talked to the girls, that we were able to explain that it really DOES mean something to them.  He was a 14 year-old boy, lost and confused, just like some of them have felt they are.  Normally, we don't focus so much on the power of the adversary that overcomes Joseph.  But today, that was really our focus.  He really is SO strong, and we all feel those temptations in our life. Sometimes we ARE completely overcome.  But as we have faith, as Joseph did, there is always the light of our Savior to show us the way to go.  He is our light in the darkness, and will never fail us, as we have faith in him.  I was SUCH a cool discussion, and the girls really participated.

After the lesson (here's my favorite part), Brooke asked if we would talk to her for a few minutes.  She said, "Sisters...I have a question.  It seems like whenever you come to my house and teach, or whenever I come to church, I feel different.  There's a voice in my head that I only hear when you're there, and it says 'This is true, this is true.'  Is that normal?"  I think we both about jumped out of our seats and cheered...But, we kept our cool, and explained to her that that's the way the spirit answers our prayers: through that feeling, and that still small voice.  She was so excited and we were so excited for her.

At the MTC, one of my teachers said something that made an impact in my mind: "Missionary work is the Lord's work, and he's going to make it happen.  It's our choice whether or not we take part in it."  I see this every day, and feel so blessed to be able to witness it.

All my love,