Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Happy Monday!

First of all, sorry I didn't update ya last week...I'm slacking.  I know.  But, THIS week was absolutely wonderful!  And as always, there are always miracles!

For one, Pete received the Priesthood on Sunday.  Oh jeez, I can't even tell you:  He's just the greatest!  He takes his new responsibility as a Priesthood holder so seriously, and realizes how important it is to his family. He's going to the temple this week, too, with Brooke and Doenice.  Woohoo!

Another miracle:  So we were tracting in Somis this week, a little Spanish town that we're not in very often.  We had been told by a member that there were lots of little houses down a back alley, so we though we'd check it out.  When we got there, there really were no houses, it was just a back alley to some liquor stores and a few little shops.  I'll admit, we were a little discouraged.  But as we were leaving and finding our way back to the car, we heard a shout, "Hey! Are you the Mormons?!"  Well, we sure are!  We walked up to find a grandma and her granddaughter sitting in a car, outside of the stores.  The grandma said, "I'm from the church of Religious Science, but the Mormon church is something I admire, and something I want for my granddaughter.  Is this your lesson teaching day?"  Luckily, EVERY DAY is out lesson teaching day,so we got to teach her the Restoration, and are going back next week.  Ava, the cutest 11 year old EVER, is our new investigator.  It's amazing to see that Heavenly Father's always preparing the people around us to hear the gospel.  It's a good reminder that this is his work, not ours!

Along with that, we've been named "The Singing Sisters" of the Camarillo 6th Ward.  After singing at Pete's baptism, we were asked to sing in sacrament meeting.  After that, we are just know to sing.  If one of our Sunday School classes runs short, they ask us to sing.  If they think of a song in Gospel Essentials, they have us stand up and sing it.  At every dinner appointment, people ask us to sing!  So we've gotten into the habit to find a short hymn that goes along with our lesson.  We're always prepared for a song. :)

This week is Zone Conference, for President Castro to come and say his goodbyes.  We'll miss him...:(
 But we're excited to meet President Felix.  I wish I could write more, but I'm about out of time.  I love you. The church is true.  Have a good week. :)

Love, Shay

P.S. - Picture of the week!

There's this potential that we call Tom the Turkey Man. From his bio, he sounds SO GOOD, and we want to meet him!  But, he lives in Somis...and he has a pet turkey, that is usually blocking his front door.  (Turkey's are mean, right?)  This week, though, we got past the turkey, and got to knocking!  Sadly he wasn't there...But we'll be back. :)