Monday, May 12, 2014

Progress in Paradise ♥

Oh, what a wonderful week!

Friday was the day we've all been waiting for...Sean got baptized!!  We couldn't believe how many people came...there were at least 50 people that came to support him, and we filled up every bit of the room!  We were totally amazed, and Sean was just GLOWING.  We were so excited to see his mom come, and starting next week...we'll be teaching her the discussions as well!!  He was so funny though. He got his first ever suit this week to wear to the baptism, and he was STOKED.  When we told him he'd be changing into a jumpsuit, he asked if he could put it on at the last second so he could greet everyone while he was looking fancy. :)  So that's him, in the middle of the picture, with the priest that took the lessons with him.  The baptism was beautiful--Bishop Parry spoke, as well as Sean's neighbor, that first introduced him to the church.  I wish you all could've been there, the spirit was so strong, and it was such a neat experience!  He was confirmed on Sunday, and has been welcomed into the ward with so much love.  Oh, we love Sean so much!

Along with that exciting news...Pete has his baptismal interview this Thursday!  Because he is being interviewed by President Castro, the process has taken a little bit longer than usual.  Meanwhile, Pete has quit drinking coffee, committed to pay tithing, and basically, has finished the missionary discussions.  He's so ready to be baptized, and is already talking about when he will get to be sealed to Doenice and Brooke.  SO COOL!  Once his interview is over, we can officially set a date, but we're expecting May 31st.  We love the Chavez family. :)

Lastly, this week we met a new investigator named Sage.  She's 14 and was recently adopted by a family in the ward.  She has totally embraced the gospel though, and is already seeing the blessings it brings in her life.  We'll be teaching her tonight, and will set her with an official baptismal date.  Possibly the same day as Pete!

As far as the rest of the week goes...All is well here. :)  I was so excited to talk to some of you on Sunday, and it reminded me why I'm here.  I feel so blessed to have such an amazing family, and I'm so glad I get to spend forever with you. ♥  I get to visit the Los Angeles Temple this week for my birthday...and we are SO excited!!  It seems weird, going to the temple every week before my mission, then not going for a month and a half.  We've been counting down the days!

This is the last week of the transfer, so by the next time we talk, I may be packing to head somewhere new.  I'd love to stay here in Camarillo to see Pete and Sage's baptisms, but I guess we'll just wait and find out.  I love you all and I'll talk to you soon!

♥Shay Shay