Monday, May 26, 2014

Knock, knock... :)

Good morning, cute family!!

Aaaaaand...Happy 2 months on a mission!  How crazy is that?!  I'm already in my second transfer! So, I guess the exciting events of this week would include...

1.  Sort of learning Portuguese!!  I'll be honest, I've been studying Spanish more than Portuguese so that I'll have something I can use after Sister Proctor is in Brazil.  But I CAN say " more door...goodnight..." and I can KIND OF teach you how to pray in Portuguese...I'm getting there slowly.  But it's been a lot of fun to be able to have language study for an hour every day, and I've loved being with Sister Proctor.  I don't know that I'll be fluent when I get home, but it's a fun experience to have, at least for this transfer. :)

2.  Knock, Knock, Knocking!  So, now that our ward has been split, that also means our Teaching Pools were split in half.  And since it was done geographically, most of our old investigators aren't in my area anymore.  It's been weird, because I don't get to teach Sean, Mitchell, or Saige anymore, but I see them at church, and hear all about their lessons from sister Reneer and Cox.  But since we're not really teaching anyone right now, it's given us the chance to work on our knocking skills.  We tract for most of our days right now.  It's a blessing in disguise though, because shy Sister Williams has left the Ventura mission, and been replaced with the girl who won't shut up.  Look out Camarillo, I'm coming to convert you!!  It's been a lot of fun, and I've met SO many new people!  We have a new investigator named Jeremiah, whose brother, we found out, was baptized in Las Vegas a few months ago.  We also met Will, who we'll now be teaching weekly.  It's been a week of hard work, but very rewarding. :)

3.  Speaking in Church!  I gave my first talk in church yesterday.  Woohoo!  It was on Missionary Work and the Atonement, and even though it wasn't at Jeffrey R. Holland's level, I think it went pretty well!  We were able to get a few of our investigators out to church that don't normally come, with the bribe of having Sister Cox and I as the guest speakers.  I know, we're not supposed to do that as missionaries.  BUT, they were able to meet people in the ward, and make some new friends.  Bribery isn't always bad...and Johnathan agreed to come back next week because of it.  YAY!

Overall, there's not a whole lot to report this week.  The work is going well, and I love being a missionary.  Most of all, I love each of you. :)  I got your letters and cards, and they brighten EVERY SINGLE DAY!  Anytime I'm missing you guys, I just remember that this is only a blink in the eternity we get to spend together. I love you all and hope you have such a good week. ♥

Shay Shay ♥