Sunday, July 27, 2014

Euell, Lenore and chocolate chip cookies!!

Dear Family,

I'm sorry this letter is so short, but I am nearly out of time.  And, I'm also sorry it's been two weeks since I've given an update.  I promise all is well here. :)

So what's new?  Well, let's see...

Right now we're teaching a man named Euell.  He's GREAT.  He's about 60, African American, and he's HILARIOUS.  He's in pretty bad health, unfortunately.  He got in a plane crash a couple years back, and now does dialysis 3 days a week.  He's had a lot of hard things in his life, but he loves Heavenly Father so much, and is so grateful for what he has.  The other day he said to us, "You know...I"m looking for something...something like...the Mormon Constitution!!  I want to know ALL your doctrine, so I can understand what my roll will be when I'm a member."  HEY EUELL!  What a coincidence!  That's what we're here to teach you!!  He's started making friends in the ward now, and friends in Priesthood.  He's already a part of the ward, and has started the Stake challenge to read Preach My Gospel over these next two he just needs to get baptized.

Then there's Lenore.  Ooooh, Lenore.  She's ALSO hilarious.  She's this little old baptist lady who loves God, and loves Billy Graham.  Oh, and she loves us.  She seriously thinks we're angels...but literally...
which is somewhat nice, cause she's always excited to hear what we have to say. :)  The other day, we sang to her, while she held up her and hands and praised God.  After we finished, she said, "That was better than a month-long trip to Bora Bora, staying in a deluxe motel, with FREE room service!" then, "Wow. That was like a shot of Valium, I just feel THAT at peace!" (I've never had my singing described that way before.) We explained to her that that's what we call feeling the spirit.  Man, that lady is great.

In OTHER news, Pete and Doenice came to see me on Saturday!!  I was the happiest missionary in the world.  They took sister Platt and I to Pea Soup Andersen's, Buellton's one and only claim to fame.  It was delicious (who knew pea soup was even good?!), and so good to see the wonderful Chavez family again. Mom, Doenice told me the two of you text all the time.  Pete says you two are new best friends.  I'm glad you get to talk to them, and thank you for all the help you've been.  They seriously love you!

We also had President's Interviews this week out in Santa Barbara. Sister Felix sat and talked with the district while each of us interviewed, AND she made us chocolate chip cookies.  YUM.

I've got to run, but I'll write again soon.  I love you all!!
♥ Sister Shay Shay